Russia and the European Union

Creative Europe is the main European funding programme, initiated by the European Commission and granted with a 1,45 billion euros budget for 7 years and 28 countries. The call for projects is open to any country member of the European Union, and to some other non-member. Under certain conditions, some countries member of the EEA (European Economic Area) or of the ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) can join an applicant team, with an equal status as European Union countries. Russia takes part in Cross-Border Cooperation activities under the ENP and is not a part of the ENP as such.

Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) is a key element of the EU policy towards its neighbours. It supports sustainable development along the EU’s external borders, helps reducing differences in living standards and addressing common challenges across these borders. European and CBC funding can also be provided for a programme between several EU and neighbourhood countries which, for example, are part of the same sea basin. CBC programmes are based on:

  • Balanced partnership between the participating countries and equal say in the programme decisions
  •  Project management entrusted to a local or national authority in a member state
  •  Common legal framework  CBC has three main objectives:
  •  Promoting economic and social development in border areas
  •  Addressing common challenges
  • Putting in place better conditions for persons, goods and capital mobility

The ENP-CBC budget for the period 2014-2020 has a global amount of €1.052 billion (1).

The call for projects topics:

  • Arts and culture (31% of the selected projects)
  • Audiovisual (56%)
  • Cross-sectoral (arts + culture + audiovisual, 13%)

Each Creative Europe project have a project leader and minimum 2 European partners + several co-organisers. A Russian cultural professionals or a Russian institution can join a Creative Europe team with the co-organiser status. Examples: cultural heritage projects, performing arts, cultural innovation and technology, translation projects etc.

Who wan apply ? 

– Any active professional in the culture and creative fields
– With a legal presence in the countries listed above (that is to say with a number of activity or national registration)

2 types of application:

– SMALLER SCALE PROJECT: a project leader + 2 European partners = 3 different nationalities. Funding: maximum 60% of the applicant budget.

– LARGER SCALE PROJECT: a project leader + minimum 5 European partners = 6 different nationalities. Funding: maximum 50% of the applicant budget.

The application :

– The application form
– The « 40 000 » signs aimed to explain the coherence of the project (partnership, public, philosophy etc.)
– The estimated budget including the 60% or the 50% of the European funding + the 40% or the 50% to find elsewhere.
– The project global schedule + The global communication plan