Incubator Schoolab x Clair Obscur music group

Our team participated to an enjoyable workshop organized by Schoolab and the Clair Obscur music group. This idea came out from three persons: Sylvain ALLARD (coordinator and expert in collective intelligence), Lou CHEVRY and Nicolas THUILLIER (members of Clair Obscur). Their will was to help people to write speeches in a more social, lively and original way. Therefore, the aim of this workshop was to train a group a people (students or workers in start-up) to create and restitute a pitch, through the slam and poetry manner.

Indeed,the participants, divided into 4 different groups, had to create a short pitch around a particular themes, chosen by some experts, such as Is poetry a way to reinvent the world? or Are robots better than men? After an introduction to the slam music done by Lou CHEVRY, rapper and slammer of the group Clair Obscur, the organizers of the workshop explained us how to create a pitch and the structure of it: how to argument and to exemplify it, and the way to create a storytelling to make the pitch captivating.Thus, thanks to the help of several experts of poetry, we had to write a speech to answerthe question and shape it in a slam way.

Régis PRADAL and Mickael JABUKOWICZ, two pitch trainers, intented to clarify our words and arguments. Then, the two musicians Pascal GERARD and Nicolas THUILLIER helped us to create a beat, with an application that creates sounds, that could fit with our pitch. Finally, with the slammer Lou CHEVRY,we worked on our “flow”, our way to slam, so as to make a live restitution of the pitch in front of all the groups.

Thanks a lot to Schoolab and the group Clair Obscur for this really interesting workshop !